Loyalty Member Terms & Conditions

Poyntons Points - Loyalty Card

The Poyntons Points Membership Card must be presented at the time of purchase with each transaction.

Points will not be added after the sale is completed.

Failure to present your Poyntons Points card at the time of purchase will result in the points of that purchase being forfeited.

Past dockets will not be accepted or added to member’s accounts.

Your Poyntons Points Membership Card is not a credit card and cannot be transferred to anyone else. Remember to present your card each time you shop with us in the Nursery, Interiors and Outdoor Living. Your  points will automatically be credited to your account at the rate of 1 point for every dollar spent.  (excludes Purchases made in The Boulevard Café)

If you do not make any transactions for a period of 18 months, your points will be forfeited.


Collect 800 points to receive a $25 Reward.  All you have to do is present your card each time you shop at Poyntons Nursery.


Effective from 1st April, 2019 the loyalty voucher will appear on screen when making your next transaction. (If you make a purchase that takes your total points to 8oo on a weekend, your voucher will not be available until COB the next business day) Vouchers will no longer be posted out. $25.00 rewards can only be redeemed in the Nursery, Interiors and Outdoor Living. (Redemption is not available in The Boulevard Cafe)


At Poyntons Nursery, we respect the privacy of your personal information in our care. Under no circumstances will information be sold or made available to marketing agencies or similar parties not involved with the Poyntons Point program. Members have the right to opt out of Emails and SMS by contacting us by email:

Contact page on Website: www.poyntonsnursery.com.au/contact

or by email: info@poyntonsnursery.com.au

1. Members’ rights

Poyntons Nursery as manager of the Poyntons Points program respects and upholds the rights of members to privacy protection. The provisions of this Statement are evidence of Poyntons commitment to that protection. This Statement applies to all personal information held in the Poyntons Points program database.

2. Information - collection

Poyntons Nursery will, at all times, collect personal information in a fair and lawful manner. The Poyntons Points program database comprises the following personal member information, held securely by Poyntons Nursery

  • full name, address & telephone number(s), e-mail address
  • transaction details associated with the collection of Poyntons points
  • points collected and awards provided.
  • Members’ signatures/authorities are also collected by Poyntons 

3. Information ­ purpose & usage

Personal member information including your e-mail address will be used for two primary purposes. First, it will be used to ensure the proper functioning of the Poyntons Points program.

Secondly, and subject to the restrictions set out below it will be used for the marketing, planning, product development and research requirements of Poytnons Nursery
Poyntons Nursery will not use or disclose or permit the use or disclosure of personal member information that could be used to identify an individual member in any circumstances except:
a. to ensure the proper functioning of the Poyntons Points program in relation to the member in question (for example, to confirm membership and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, to communicate points earned, to seek the member’s views on the operation of the Poyntons Points program in order to improve member service, to communicate promotional offers and special events and to identify the member when rewards are made) and for these purposes personal member information will only be disclosed to Poyntons Nursery or an agent retained by Poyntons Nursery under conditions of confidentiality; 

On termination of membership, the member’s contact details will be noted as closed, and after twelve months of non-card usage such contact details will be deleted from the Poyntons Points program database and the member’s point balance cancelled.

4. Members’ right to opt out

From time to time, promotional offers and special events will be communicated to members via email or SMS messaging. Members have the right to opt out of these additional communications and can do so by requesting this in writing to Poyntons Points Customer Support Team, email: info@poytnonsnursery.com.au or via our website: poyntonsnursery.com.au/contact  - subject  OPT out SMS

5. Security safeguards

Poyntons Nursery undertakes to take reasonable steps necessary to ensure that member information is secure from any unauthorised access or disclosure.